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Medical care initiatives

We will guide you for the work on the Novel Coronavirus of medical care.


■ Wearing masks (Staff)

Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, staff will wear masks.

In addition, in some operations, gloves, protective clothing,You may also wear a face shield, etc.

* Outdoor workers may not wear masks while maintaining social distancing from the perspective of heat stroke prevention.

Disinfecting spray.png

■ Hygienic and clean environment

  • In the facility, sodium hypochlorite is used three times a day on tables, chairs, doorknobs, around toilets such as toilet flush levers, handrails, light switches, elevator push buttons, etc. Disinfect.

  • wheelchair, etc.Equipment will be disinfected and disinfected on a regular basis.

  • Sanitization and antibacterial *² will be performed using the non-chemical, alcohol-free disinfectant and antibacterial agent “Citrabuster *¹” made only with plant-derived ingredients.

  • ​Ventilate the facility by always using the ventilation equipment and opening the windows except during bad weather or strong winds.

  • Space sterilization *⁴ will be performed by Panasonic's hypochlorous acid space sterilization deodorizer "Ziaino *³".

  • bio zoneMade by MedicalSpatial disinfection using "BIOZONE*⁵"​※⁶to hold.

  • ​The inside of the shuttle bus will be disinfected regularly.

*¹ “Citra Buster” is a non-chemical, alcohol-free disinfectant and antibacterial agent made only from plant-derived ingredients.vinegar. The effect on the new coronavirus has not been announced, but research institutes have already confirmed that it is effective against bacteria and viruses, and that the antibacterial effect lasts for one week. For more information,Citra Buster Official Website​qPlease confirm.

*² "Citra Buster" is a registered trademark of EID Co., Ltd.

​*³ "Ziaino" is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

*⁴The effect on the new coronavirus has not been announced, but the effect of suppressing bacteria and viruses attached to the room has already been verified and proven by research institutions. For more information,panasonicwebsite​qPlease confirm.

*⁵ “BIOZONE” is a bio zoneIt is a registered trademark of Medical Co., Ltd.

*⁶About the performance of BIOZONE,Biozone Medical Website​qPlease confirm.


■ Restrictions on visitation

In principle, face-to-faceI decline the meeting.

In cases of urgency, etc., we may be able to conduct a meeting based on comprehensive judgment.

For details, please contact the office in use.

​Click here for email inquiriesr


Online visits are available at all offices!

■ Responding to customers visiting the facility

As a general rule, customers and vendors who come to the facility will be handled at the entrance.

Please check your physical condition and measure your body temperature when entering the facility for emergency inspection or repair of facility equipment. again,Based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we may ask you to wear a mask if there is a risk of contact with users.


We apologize for the burden and inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding.


■Changes in service content

In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we may change the service as follows.

We will continue to strive to maintain our services as before, but please understand in advance that this may cause burdens and inconveniences to users and their families.

■ Visiting your home Service

We will provide the best possible service, such as visiting the user's home and delivering a lunch box.

■ Safety confirmation by phone

We will call you to confirm your safety, health condition, meal content and time, whether or not you take a bath and when, whether you go out and where you are going, etc.


■ Shortening service provision time

We will shorten the service delivery time and provide services limited to the minimum necessary services.

■ Change of service location

We will provide services using other offices and places such as public halls.


■ Response to users who are suspected of being infected with infectious diseases

In order to prevent the spread of infection and to provide a safe and secure environment for the user's own health and other users, we refuse the use of users who are suspected of being infected with infectious diseases. Please note that we may change the contents of the service provided.

​In addition, if a resident is feeling unwell, such as having a fever, they will be treated in their room.


■ Confirmation of health status of staff

We are thoroughly checking the health condition for symptoms such as coughing and fever.

Before coming to work, each employee will measure their own body temperature, and if they are feeling unwell due to a fever of 37 degrees or higher or respiratory symptoms, they will refrain from coming to work.

​In addition, if a staff member's family or housemate is suspected of being infected with an infectious disease, they will not come to work until it is confirmed that they are not infected.

■ Infection prevention measures for staff

All executives and employees will be repeatedly instructed on the prevention of infectious diseases.

In-house meetings and training as well as external meetings and training will be held and attended after taking measures to prevent infection.

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