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About measures to prevent the spread of Novel 

Coronavirus infection


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From September 2, 2020, the page about the Novel Coronavirus has been moved.

Please check this page for the latest information.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Medical Care Co., Ltd.



At Medical Care, we are implementing various measures so that all users can use our services safely and comfortably in a hygienic and clean environment at all times.


On this page, we will inform you about efforts to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection and requests for use.


We will continue to fully cooperate in preventing the spread of infection on the premise of ensuring the safety and security of users, families, local residents, and employees.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

1. Restrictions on visits (updated August 7, 2020)


Please note that from August 5, 2020, visits will be restricted at some business establishments in view of the fact that the number of people infected with the Novel Coronavirus is increasing again.

In addition, please note that from August 6, 2020, visits will be restricted at all business establishments.


If you have to make a visit, such as when there is an urgency, please do the following.

If you do not agree, we will refuse the visit even if it is urgent.

① Wearing a mask or facial coverings (*)

Please be sure to wear a mask or facial coverings(*).
However, this does not apply to small children, including infants, or when there is a reason why it is difficult to wear.

If you are refused to wear a mask or facial coverings (*), we will refuse your visit.


* Refers to masks, face shields and mouse shields that have the effect of preventing droplet infection.


② Measurement of body temperature and confirmation of physical condition

We measure body temperature and check physical condition.

If you have a fever of 37 degrees or higher, strong fatigue (malaise), coughing, or dyspnea (dyspnea), we will refuse your visit.

Also, if you are refused to measure your body temperature or check your physical condition, we will refuse your visit.

③ Disinfection of fingers


Please disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol.

Unless it is difficult to disinfect your fingers due to allergies, we will refuse your visit if you refuse to disinfect your fingers.


④ Record of customer's name and contact information


In order to prevent the spread of infection, we will ask for and record information such as the name and contact information of the customer who will be visiting.

If you refuse to record your name and contact information, we will refuse your visit.

2. Response to customers and vendors who come to the facility (updated August 7, 2020)


As a general rule, we will respond to customers and vendors who come to the facility at the entrance.

In addition, when entering the facility for urgent inspection or repair of facility equipment, please check your physical condition, measure your body temperature, and wear a mask.

If you are not feeling well due to fever, or if you are refused to measure your body temperature, you will not be allowed to enter.

In addition, except when it is difficult to wear a mask, we will refuse entry even if you do not wear a mask.


3. Disinfection in the facility (updated May 6, 2020)

Three times a day, for touching parts such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, toilet flush levers, handrails, electric switches, elevator push buttons (only in facilities where elevators are installed), etc. We carry out hypochlorous acid (higher) disinfection.

In addition, from normal times, we also carry out space sterilization using Panasonic's hypochlorous acid space sterilization deodorizer "Ziaino".


4. Regarding service content changes to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection (updated May 27, 2020)

In order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection, we may change the service to the following contents.

We will continue to strive to maintain the service as before, but please note that it may cause a burden and inconvenience to users and their families.


① service provision by a visit to your home

We will provide as much service as possible, such as visiting the user's home and delivering a lunch box.

* We will try to visit as many people as possible.


② Confirmation of safety by phone

We will confirm your safety, health condition, meal contents and time, bathing and time, going out and going out by phone.


③ Reduction of service provision time

We will shorten the service provision time and provide services only to the minimum required services.


④ Change of service location

We will provide the service using other offices and places such as public halls.


5. Request for use (updated May 27, 2020)

Please note that we ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask or facial coverings when using the service to alleviate the anxiety between users.


If you plan to use the commuting service and are not feeling well, or if you have symptoms such as fever, strong fatigue (malaise), or dyspnea (difficulty breathing), please refrain from using it.

We will do our best to use the service, such as changing the content of the service.


6. Response to users suspected of being infected with the Novel Coronavirus (updated May 27, 2020)

Based on the purpose of the "Basic Policy for Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Infections" announced by the Government of Japan, we will prevent the spread of infection and provide users' own health and a safe and secure environment for other users. Therefore, please note that we may refuse the use of "people who have fever and have strong fatigue (malaise) or dyspnea (difficulty breathing)" or change the service provision contents. give me.


In addition, if the resident user is found to be in poor physical condition such as fever, we will handle it in the living room.


7. Checking the health status of all staffs and employees (updated April 21, 2020)

We provide all staffs and employees with repeated guidance on the prevention of infectious diseases, and thoroughly check their health status for symptoms such as coughing and fever.

In addition, we measure our body temperature by ourselves before going to work, and if we have a fever of 37 degrees or higher or respiratory symptoms, we make sure that we do not go to work.

8. Related materials (updated June 5, 2020)


In order to alleviate the anxiety of users and their families, we have posted related materials related to the Novel Coronavirus.

Medical Care Co., Ltd.

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